Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make my spam go away?

Yes, we can effectively eliminate more than 99% of all spam from reaching your inbox, without also marking legitimate emails as spam.

How can we protect against ransomware?

Even if you do nothing wrong and stay current with software updates, ransomware can infiltrate vulnerabilities in your computer’s hardware due to engineering design flaws. The most cost-effective way to protect yourself is ALWAYS have remote backups of anything that is important. We can provide backup solutions for any type of computer or server that are stored remotely and remain safe from any ransomware

My website is hacked, can you fix it?

In the majority of cases we are able to remove malicious content from web sites and restore them. And after doing so, we can put your web site on a platform that offers additional levels of security to prevent it from happening again.

My webmaster has stopped responding to me. Can you help?

Yes, we finish partially completed sites, complete pending changes, and should you not have the login details needed to access your email, web site or domains, we do everything legally possible to regain rightful access.

We need our email to be accessible from multiple places at once and also have shared calendars for coworkers. Can you help?

Yes, we offer Microsoft Exchange email services which include this and many other features.

What do I need to do to get my site redesigned?

A site redesign requires a plan, content, development and testing. Each of these require resources. We can provide all of them or you can provide some of them. Some customers know exactly what they need and some need to have a discussion to know for sure. Some prefer to (re)write their own web site content and some prefer to be interviewed and have us write it for them. Sites designs change often these days and keeping them optimized for the maximum number of customers is important to get their business.

Are there any Internet-related services you don't provide?

Not many. We strive to provide a complete, end-to-end solution for clients. While we target small and mid-sized businesses, we have the resources to handle very large and complex projects. We do not provide services for adult-related sites or warez file-sharing sites.